San Diego Dental Convention Review

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Every year, millions of people from all parts of the US and the world gather for the San Diego Dental Convention. Dental manufacturers representing all aspects of the sector come here. The same for dental societies and local organizations. Additionally, dental professionals and dental study clubs take part in the yearly venue. Individuals from all over come together to join and reunite with others. They learn about the latest in dental technologies and any new discoveries. Dental procedures and other matters are also examined and put on display.

The convention is ideal for those looking to learn all they can about dentistry. People wishing to take their dental career to a new level also come to this gathering. There is a website where people can register and obtain more information. The convention is a must for San Diego dentists. In addition, it is a required course that must be undergone for any California licensed dental professionals. The course must be taken every two years via several classes that are available.

Dentists from all over the California area can take part in different courses as well. Some people spent time going over the Botox Certification which is talked about during the convention. While it may not necessarily deal with dentistry, it does cover info for dermatologists, physicians and plastic surgeons. One of the most popular ones is the Diode Laser Certification class. The workshop provides people with clinical understanding about periodontal treatments. These are the important protocols utilized by dentists via diode lasers.


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Participants can learn about absorption topics, laser science and wavelengths. More importantly, safety fundamentals are covered in the course. It is an ideal program to get hands-on training and clinical certification regarding Diode Lasers. Issues such as thermal disinfection, insurance billing codes and treatment of gingivitis are included. During the convention, there are different speakers who take part in the venue. Some include names which are highly respected members of the dental society. There are also sponsors who take part in the venue as well as other agenda dealing with all manners of dentistry issues.

Each year, the San Diego Dental Convention becomes more popular than the next. Part of that has to do with how widespread and used dental cosmetic procedures have become. Social media and other aspects of marketing have played a key role in this. More than ever before, people are paying attention and caring about their outward appearance which includes their smile. This dental convention in San Diego – along with others around the country – are crucial for countless of reasons. They help inform and prepare many of the best dentists in San Diego and other parts of the country, for the future in dentistry.

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