According to a number of sources, including Yelp reviews, the top places to rent equipment for your next party in San Diego are Raphael’s Party Rentals, Abbey Party Rentals, and Platinum Event Rentals.

Raphael’s Party Rentals

This company is a leader in party, wedding, and event equipment rentals in San Diego. Locally owned and operated, this company features a convenient central location to serve most party rental needs optimally. In 2019, they are adding 15 new options to their vast linen selection. These new products will feature several event design trends of the year, ranging from rich textures to bold colors and patterns with elements of the San Diego coastal lifestyle.

Abbey Party Rentals

Abbey has all types of equipment, including umbrellas, windowed party tent walls, and ceremony cabanas. However, their range of equipment isn’t limited to tents. Dishes, china and more are just some of the options. The equipment is divided into categories and styles; vintage, modern, etc.

Platinum Event Rentals

This company started as “Platinum Party Rents” in 2010 with fewer than 10 employees in a 5,000 square foot warehouse. PPR had almost doubled by 2012. In 2014, it merged with another rental company, “Party Production Rentals.” They also moved into a new warehouse that is five times the size of the previous one and features a newly renovated showroom, which is the perfect place to meet clients and present new products.

The company changes the showroom space every month, allowing their team to come up with new, innovative concepts. They can do a mock-up for you so you can see how your vision plays out before the event is actually executed. You can make an appointment to see and speak to them about your needs and ideas at any time.